Student Experience

Building Success Together

2015 Summer Students

Ciara Burrows

“During my short time at Marshall Diel & Myers, I enjoyed getting hands-on experience while diving into the areas of family, wills & estates, and corporate areas of law. Taking full advantage of the plethora of knowledge and expertise of the Marshall Diel & Myers team, I found myself in courtroom sessions, appearing before the Chief Justice, observing high profile cases, assisting in the creation of presentations, as well as vital research tasks for ongoing cases. This experience was invaluable and second to none. Overall, I would say that both my legal knowledge and personal network have been enhanced. As an undergraduate studentit was a privilege being thrown into the exciting and vigorous legal arena under the guidance of Marshall Diel & Myers.”

Katie Davidge

“Working for Marshall, Diel & Myers Limited in their summer employment program was truly an invaluable learning and working experience, from start to finish. The atmosphere of the firm was very welcoming, vibrant and supportive. I was introduced to and worked alongside each of the lawyers at the firm and they took the time to supervisor and mentor me, as well as provide me with career advice.

The tasks that were assigned to me were not simply practice exercises. I was provided with work that was challenging, interesting and directly related to ongoing cases. My assignments were diverse and ranged from research on new areas of law (such as substituted service via social media) to drafting legal documents and client correspondence.

Working with Marshall, Diel & Myers Limited gave me real insight into the day-to-day life in a law firm and provided me with knowledge of important procedural tasks and court proceedings. The firm allowed me to practice my professional and legal skills while assisting in giving me the confidence to continue to pursue a career in law.”

2014 Summer Students

Jaesharrie Johnson

Jaesharrie Johnson worked as a summer student with the Firm for nine weeks before starting her Bachelor of Law studies at the University of Exeter in September 2014. In addition to completing general administrative tasks, Jaesharrie gained experience in and exposure to drafting, interviewing, advising, research and writing in a legal context, negotiation and advocacy. She was afforded the opportunity work with lawyers in all practice areas while also learning valuable practical skills such as file and practice management, time management and professional responsibility.

“During my time working at the Firm, I gained an invaluable insight into what it means to be a practicing lawyer in Bermuda. The team at Marshall Diel & Myers Limited created a stimulating and challenging work environment. It was clear through their eagerness to teach that they took care in ensuring that the program provided a sound learning opportunity. Through a variety of tasks such as, organizing case bundles for court or taking notes in meetings, I was able to develop essential legal and professional skills. Overall, the attentiveness of the staff coupled with the diverse workload made my time at Marshall Diel & Myers very enjoyable and gave me greater confidence to pursue a career in law.”

Madeleine Fox

As an undergraduate psychology student at the University of California, Berkeley, Madeleine was offered a four week placement with the Firm. Even though she was only enrolled in an undergraduate degree, Madeleine had a keen interest in the law, and was considering applying to Oxford University to pursue legal studies. Despite having little prior legal experience at the time of her placement, she was performed a variety of tasks such as accompanying various lawyers to court, sitting in on meetings between lawyers and clients, performing legal research and updating memoranda. Madeleine will be commencing her legal studies at Oxford in September 2015.

“Marshall Diel & Myers Limited provided me with a variety of opportunities to immerse myself in its culture and get a comprehensive understanding of what it is like to work at a law firm in Bermuda.  As I was not yet in law school at the time of my placement, I did not expect there to be much work that I would have the skills to complete. I expected the work I would be given would be largely comprised of administrative tasks. However, the lawyers that I worked for pushed me to undertake assignments that accurately reflect what it is like to work as a lawyer. The summer work experience solidified my resolve to apply to law school and pursue a career as a lawyer in Bermuda. My experience at Marshall Diel & Myers Limited was truly invaluable and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a career in law”

2014 Winter Intern

Jonathan White

Jonathan completed his law degree at the University of Buckingham in 2014. While waiting to start the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at BPP Law School, he completed a four month internship with the Firm in the Winter of 2014 working in all practice areas. During this time, he was exposed to matrimonial matters, personal injury matters, insurance matters, employment disputes, commercial and civil matters, and real estate transactions. He observed hearings in the Supreme Court, Registrar’s Chambers, Magistrates Court and attended several tribunal hearings, and drafted all manner of legal documents including letters, summons, affidavits and pleadings as well as preparing Court bundles. He was also exposed to practical training in the areas of professional responsibility, file and practice management and office systems. Jonathan contributed to the Firm’s legal column by penning articles on his experiences as a law student with the Firm and they can be found at and

“Over the course of my four months with the Firm, I was able to get the training necessary for commencing my legal career in Bermuda and I was afforded a unique glimpse into Bermuda’s legal world. I believe that students gaining work experience at Marshall Diel & Myers Limited can expect to encounter a far wider cross section of the law than they would abroad. The Firm’s comprehensive student program ensured I worked on a variety of material ranging from matrimonial disputes to international financial fraud with all the lawyers at the Firm. All of the lawyers and the support staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and valued. Ultimately, it was my time with Marshall Diel & Myers Limited that convinced me to pursue a career in law.”

2013 Summer Students

Samantha Saunders

Samantha Saunders worked as a summer student for eight weeks. She is a recent graduate of the University of London and will complete her studies at BPP University College where she will be pursuing both her Masters of Law and Legal Practice Certificate.

Samantha gained broad experience in all areas of practice at the Firm.  In addition to completing research and general administrative tasks, Samantha gained practical experience in drafting pleadings and client correspondence. She attended with various attorneys at client meetings and court appearances.

“At Marshall Diel & Myers Limited, I was always being challenged and stimulated by a varied workload; whether I was presenting the legal implications of a Family Division judgment or preparing various court documents for commercial matters, I was continuously being trained to develop the mental stamina and tenacity to stick with a problem until it was solved.

Throughout my two-month placement I found the lawyers to be very supportive. It became apparent to me that Marshall Diel & Myers Limited was an ambitious firm with a clear sense of direction. Their focus on training students to have a future successful legal career has given me greater confidence to transition from life as a student to a lawyer.

At Marshall Diel & Myers Limited there is ample opportunity to make the most of your summer placement and the support network is readily available.”

Catherine Outerbridge

Catherine was offered a two week placement with the Firm. Despite having only completed her undergraduate degree at Davidson College in North Carolina, Catherine was given the opportunity to gain practical experience in all practice areas at the Firm.  While her placement was short, it was intensive and she had the chance to attend various court appointments and depositions. She drafted court applications, affidavits and research memos. Catherine commenced her legal studies at Kaplan Law School in September 2013.

“My summer placement at Marshall Diel & Myers was an invaluable experience. The combination of active participation in the daily workings of the firm and the guidance of the Marshall Diel & Myers team meant that I was given practical insight into the firm and the practice of law in Bermuda. In particular, being involved and working face-to-face with clients in various litigation practices made my two weeks at Marshall Diel & Myers a unique and exciting experience, and overall, has been a positive and encouraging part of my path to a career in law.”

David Bedard

David recently graduated from the University of Connecticut. He was offered a two week placement with the Firm in order to provide him with some practical experience before commencing his legal studies at the University of London in September 2013.  David was offered the opportunity to work with attorneys from all practice teams. He assisted with research memos and preparing court documents.

“During my time at Marshall Diel & Myers the personal attention I received in the close-knit environment was extremely beneficial to my progress as a law student. Observing court hearings, I gained a breadth of practical knowledge while personally tailored assignments allowed me to expand my theoretical understanding of the law.”